Are you ready to upgrade, remodel or install a new porch for your house?

If yes is your answer, you definitely need inspiration to transform your ‘dream porch’ into reality or remodel your existing one into something more special. And as much as you think you know exactly what your porch design or remodel will look like, there are a lot of details you should have in mind.

Today, we are sharing some amazing porch designs and remodeling ideas for you to consider and maximize your outdoor space.

1. A Country Porch

If you live off the beaten path and are surrounded by rolling hills, long fields and/or wilderness scenes, a country porch is definitely one of the best porch design and remodel ideas to choose. Low to the ground, made of wood or poured concrete and with tons of decorating ideas, a country porch is practical and convenient.

A rocking chair is a must to complete the scenery – and if you want to add a little modernistic appeal to your outdoor home charm, you can choose wicker seating or repurpose your items to give your porch a broken and crafty feel. The antique washboards, wooden shutters, old windows and renovated tables can all work great in that manner.

2. A Queen/ Victorian Porch

Feeling royal?

If you want to feel the blue bloods – going royal with a queen or Victorian porch will trigger your romantic and ornamental senses. The Renaissance Era is actually a great motive for your porch, and one that can add a fine touch and elegance to your home.

The royal designs include wrought iron furniture, porch or fencing rails, carved formations on the porch posts or railings and ornamental decor. You can add your touch in the details afterwards with specials pillows lined with ruffle, lace and floral designs featuring the red color.

3. A Wrap Around/ Farmhouse Porch

The wraparound porch style has been one of the most welcoming styles and a true American favorite. The expansive space is great for entertaining guests and gathering with your family and friends, relaxing after a long day or hanging out with your children.

Simple in design and featuring the standard porch furniture, rockers, wicker-style furniture items and simple tables – this porch style always makes a great decision.

4. A Colonial Porch

If your house has a grand towering columns, it is ready for you to give it a colonial porch style. This style dates back to the early days of America as a continent and has an English flair. It is elegant and common on southern style plantation homes. Featuring a plush and comfortable outdoor seating, the colonial porch is comfortable and cozy.

5. A Small Porch Style

This porch is self-explanatory. In other words, if you are short on space and not able to try any of the styles mentioned above, there are many ways to make the most of your small porch. A small porch style can easily make you stand out from the crowd. Well, at least if you carefully choose the items you want to use on your porch.

Two simple chairs, a few flower planters, empty corner space for planters and tables – and your small porch style is complete.

A Final Word

Are you up to remodeling your porch?

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