It’s official. You have decided to build a deck or remodel your existing deck to a brand new one.

As much as this is a great step for you – increasing your home and adding up to your unique space, you should definitely be careful. Deck building comes with a lot of details and in general, is a big task to undertake. Because of this, many homeowners go with professional deck builders in North Carolina or remodeling contractors to take care of their needs.

Whatever decision you make, you should know that your deck plays a big role in your home. In case you want to try building it alone, the risk of it collapsing will be up to you in case that danger happens.

Today, we are listing the most common mistakes owners make when building or remodeling their decks – so you can avoid these unnecessary mishaps.

1. Open Risers and No Railings

Every open space when building a deck may invite an accident. The open spaces between the stairs and missing a railing can be both dangerous for people catching their feet as they walk up onto the deck.

2. Unsealed Wood

You should definitely seal the wood on your deck properly. Unsealed wood can be deteriorated in as little as one year, leading you to extra work you don’t need. Also, leaving wood unsealed will make it age faster and ruin the look of the wood.

3. Inaccurate Baluster Spacing & Height Of Railing

There are building codes for every area in the United States. When building your deck in North Carolina, you should adhere the codes – which are actually set in place in order to help you avoid injuries. The specific measurements for baluster spacing and railing height are one of  the most critical codes. After all, you don’t want your child’s head stuck in-between the balusters or a trip over the too-short railings.

4. Incorrect Joist Hangers

There are many fasteners and fixings to use when putting together your deck. However, one type of fastener is not enough to reinforce and support your deck – which is why you should use properly engineered, installed and sized joist hangers.

5. Incorrect Materials

The overall materials you are using when building your deck are important. For example, you should focus on the best fasteners and fixings that are tailored to the wood you will be using, weather resistant materials and many other details.

6. Inaccurate Footings

Also known as baseboards, the footings of your deck form the solid base on which the wood of your deck lies. That being said, choosing their accurate size is important – if you don’t want your deck to sag, warp or even collapse.

7. Improper Flashing

Water management is very important – and a critical part of a deck that is long-lasting and secure. Therefore, flashing your deck properly will prevent erosion and will keep the water from soaking into your house.

8. Where Is The Building Permit?

Building your deck without a building permit is a shot in the dark. Ensuring that your deck is secure definitely begins with obtaining your building permit. In this process, you should submit drawings and specifications of your deck to the Local Authority. From this point, the building inspectors are the team that ensures your plans meet the safety codes and building requirements for your area.

A Final Word

Choosing a professional to build your deck is another shortcut to a peace of mind.

At Brandau Builders & Remodeling, we specialize in deck building and remodeling in North Carolina. We take pride in carrying top-quality products that will ensure a long life of your deck. If you want a great deck that will see many years to come, choose us and get rid of these mistakes.